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nice to meet you, I'm Kate, thanks for being here!

I'm The Inkwell's custodian, I purchased this little apartment because it reminded me of my time spent living in the far corners of the globe.  I think The Inkwell could easily sit in many of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful cities. 


My life has been an adventurous one, living abroad for many years; I honestly thought I would never return home but here I am in a little historic city.  I’m an interior stylist, lover of heritage homes, a compulsive renovator and there is nothing that brings more joy than creating a sanctuary. 


The Inkwell is my retreat from a busy world, my place to nap, read, dream, explore the old streets, wander along river and feel the salty air on my face.  Every time I step through the double doors I feel like I return to an unhurried time, I hope you feel it too.  


Sharing the magic of The Inkwell with wonderful guests who can enjoy it when I can’t really fills my heart.  I hope to host you when the time is right for a stay at The Inkwell.


Cheers Kate xx


The Inkwell sits in the heart of the historic precinct of Port Adelaide, a little city that has seen much rise and fall during its long 187-year history.  Port Adelaide was the industrial hub of South Australia back in the day and there is still much evidence of that today. 


The Inkwell was formally an office built in 1907 at the height of an industrial boom in South Australia.  The Inkwell was originally the headquarters for The United Paint Co. that then later became Dulux Australia.  Our double doors welcomed leaders in business and industry from across the globe.  The office belonged to one of Adelaide’s most respected businessmen of the time - A.E Clarkson.  A.E. Clarkson was a pioneering merchant of industry whose integrity in life and business was never questioned.  I felt very drawn to and inspired by Clarkson and this is how The Inkwell came to life. 

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